Wear a face mask and avoid travelling during rush hour. More information about the coronavirus adaptations

Adjustments for holidays on Texel

The Texel entrepreneurs, residents, general practitioners (GP’s), Texel’s Own Steamboat Company (TESO) and the municipality have prepared information for all tourists who want to spend their holidays on Texel this summer. Below you can read this letter or download the letter as PDF.

Dear Texel visitor,

We’re so glad you’ve decided to visit our beautiful island! The Texel entrepreneurs, residents, general practitioners (GP’s), Texel’s Own Steamboat Company (TESO) and the municipality would like to extend a very warm welcome to you and hope you have an unforgettable holiday with us. We will work together with you to ensure you can enjoy a safe holiday during these current times, whilst naturally also making sure the coronavirus isn’t unnecessarily spread through the country and the island. You can certainly rest assured we have implemented all possible measures to prevent the spread on Texel. Realising everything necessary is in place is naturally a comforting thought both for you and our island residents and we therefore must act accordingly. We would like to use this letter to inform you of what we're doing and what we’d like to ask from you before your stay.

TESO & Public Transport

We would like to ask you to stay inside your vehicle whilst on board the ferries. You can purchase your crossing ticket before departure on www.teso.nl. Are you travelling on foot, by bike or with Public Transport? Then we’d like to ask you to wear a face mask, which will be compulsory with effect from 1st June. We’d also like to ask you to abide by any other measures and instructions provided by TESO. You can also find details of the current timetable and the measures in force on our website. The face mask obligation also applies to Texel’s buses (Texel Hopper). You can find more information about Public Transport on Texel on www.texelhopper.nl.

How can we abide by the one and a half meter distancing rule?

The coronavirus has certainly presented us with plenty of challenges, some of which can’t always be foreseen. The key issue is that we’d like to ask you to always consider ‘Keep your distance and avoid crowds’, which also applies during your holiday.

  • Download the ‘TexelMap app’. The VVV has developed an app which will allow you to see how busy certain places are, allowing you to make safe and responsible decisions about where to visit on Texel. You can download the app for free in the App Store, Play Store, or you can use it via www.texelmap.nl.
  • You must stay 1.5 meters away from others on the street. Measures have been implemented on Texel which will help you to effectively observe the 1.5 meter distancing rule. This includes, for example, the fact that cycling is not yet permitted in the Den Burg and De Koog shopping streets and a number of the alleyways are still closed to the public;
  • Everyone is requested to keep to the right as much as possible, including pedestrians. Please cycle or walk behind each other in case of any oncoming traffic on the cycle paths;
  • As is the case in the rest of the country, all events have unfortunately been cancelled until 1st September;
  • Are you planning on visiting Texel, or are you currently staying on Texel and would you like more information about a safe responsible stay on the island? Then please visit: www.texel.net/anderhalvemeter.

The municipality hopes these measures will effectively guide and maintain the flow of any possible busyness and will do everything in its power to avoid the introduction of any new limiting measures. However, the virus unfortunately means we can’t give any guarantees where this is concerned. The national government or the municipality may need to impose new measures which could limit your freedom of movement during your holiday. You can find the most up to date information on www.texel.nl.

Entrepreneurs & visitor centres

The Texel entrepreneurs look forward to being of service to you. They are naturally abiding by the government’s instructions and would thereby also like to ask for your cooperation. You will only be able to visit the visitor centres, museums, the cinema and restaurants if you have made a prior reservation. Shops will only allow a limited number of customers in at any one time. The following also applies in centres and shops: ‘avoid crowds’. Try to plan your visit at slightly less common times. Certain shops, like supermarkets, will only allow in one person per family. Don’t form queues for shops which are ‘full’, but perhaps come back at a slightly less busy time. Many shops have introduced longer opening times or home deliveries, which are also possible when you’re staying in a holiday park or campsite. Try not to stay in busy terraces or restaurants longer than you need to, making sure other people also get the opportunity to enjoy a meal or a drink.


Texel has a total of five GP practices. One of the priorities during these extraordinary times is to continue to take particularly good care of Texel’s vulnerable residents. Our healthcare is currently being organised slightly differently than before in order to guarantee this care:

  • Are you 70 years of age or older and do you suffer from fragile health? Then you form part of a risk group. Please be extra careful and stay at home as much as possible for the time being;
  • Don’t go on holiday if you have recently developed medical complaints and/or if your family is obliged to stay at home as a result of a (possible) infection;
  • Please return home if you develop symptoms which are consistent with the coronavirus during your stay;
  • Should you unexpectedly require any medical assistance during your stay: please contact your own GP first, as he/she may possibly be able to provide you with advice over the phone. If a consultation is deemed necessary, please contact one of the five GP practices by telephone. Drop-ins are unfortunately not possible at the moment, you will always need to call ahead for an appointment;
  • Please contact the Out of Hours service in the evening, during the night or weekends (0223-321143). The triage nurse will provide you with telephone advice, or refer you to the doctor on call for a consultation, if this is deemed necessary.

In conclusion

The coronavirus has affected all of us. The measures in place aren’t always fun and have resulted in drastic consequences for many of us. But please don’t forget that these measures have been put in place to contain the virus, whilst still allowing for as much freedom of movement as possible. Freedom of movement for us all!

So please make sure you strictly follow the aforementioned instructions, so we can all keep this freedom of movement. This is the absolute best way to ensure the care, including the care available on Texel, can continue to be provided if this is unexpectedly needed.

Thank you very much indeed for your kind cooperation in advance. We hope you have a very enjoyable stay on Texel.

On behalf of,

Mr Cees de Waal, Director at TESO
Mrs Josine Blanksma, on behalf of the Texel GP’s
Mr Frank Spooren, Director at VVV Texel
Mr Michel Gregoire, Texel’s Entrepreneurial Platform
Mr Michiel Uitdehaag, Mayor of Texel