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Texelhopper app

With the Texelhopper app, you can find the latest information regarding line 28 and reserve a miniTexelhopper bus.


Fixed route (line 28)

In the Texelhopper app you can find current information about line 28:
  • Quickly look up where the nearest bus stop is
  • See on the map where the bus is currently running
  • Seeing how long it takes for the bus to get to the bus stop
  • See current departure times for stops near you, including delays and detour

Flexible route

The Texelhopper app also provides an easy way to plan and book your trip with a Texelhopper mini-bus. You plan your trip in the app, the app then calculates between which stops you can travel best.
  • If these are two stops on line 28, you will receive a travel advisory with the nearest stops and departure times.
  • If you can travel with a Texelhopper mini-bus you can press "Reserve". You will then be redirected to our booking module.