If you want to book a Texelhopper minibus go to boeking.texelhopper.nl

Flexible route

Do you want to travel to or from a bus stop where bus line 28 does not go to? Then you can reserve a Texelhopper mini bus. This bus will take you to and from all bus stops on the island.


You can reserve a Texelhopper mini bus, at least 30 minutes in advance. You can do this via the website, app or by phone.

  1. Indicate your point of departure and arrival. 
  2. Select the desired departure time and the number of people you are travelling with. When travelling with a pram or wheelchair, it is important that you indicate this as well..
  3. When making a reservation via the website or app, you can choose to pay in advance with credit card. For all other methods of payment you can choose 'Pay in the vehicle'.
  4. Confirm your reservation.
The Texelhopper mini bus will pick you up at your departure point less than 15 minutes after your booked departure time. If you are not at the bus stop at the allocated time, the driver could decide to continue after waiting one minute.

If you book a Texelhopper mini bus and do not make use of your reservation, please report this to the contact centre by telephone on 0222-784000. If you regularly do not show up when you have booked a ride, you may be placed on a blacklist or your account may be blocked. You will not be able to book rides for the Texelhopper mini bus for a number of months.


You can pay for your ride in the following ways:
  • Pay with bank or credit card.
  • Check in and out with your OV-chipkaart.
  • A Single ride, Day pass or Weekend pass that has already been purchased at one of the points of sale.
The bus driver of the Texelhopper mini bus does not sell tickets.