If you want to book a Texelhopper minibus go to boeking.texelhopper.nl

Reserve a mini bus

Would you like to reserve a mini Texelhopper bus? This can be done not only by telephone, but also via this website and the Texelhopper app. Read the step-by-step instructions on how to make a reservation.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1:

Go to the planner on the homepage www.texelhopper.com or open the Texelhopper app (go to planner tab)

Step 2:

Reserve your trip and press the ‘Search rides’ button.

Step 3:

If you can reserve a mini Texelhopper bus for your planned route, you can click on 'Reserve now' at the bottom of the planner.
Please note: it is not possible to reserve a mini Texelhopper bus between two stops where line 28 runs.
Proceed to step 4 in the following tab

Step 4: 

You will now be redirected to the booking system. Here you will find the 2 stops closest to your departure and final destination.  Press ‘Continue’.

Step 5:

Select a date, departure time, the number of persons and if there are persons in a wheelchair and press ‘Continue’.

Step 6:

Do you have an account? Press ‘Login’. If you don’t have an account, press ‘Create account’.

If you are logged in, you can continue to 'Pay and confirm'.

Step 7:

Fill in the details and choose a password. Agree to the terms and conditions and if you want to receive the newsletter and press ‘Continue’.

Step 8:

You will receive a verification code in your specified e-mail address. 
Go to your email and copy or remember the verfication code. 
Please note: are you using the Texelhopper app? Then go back to the internet browser to complete your reservation. In other words, do not use the app.

Step 9:

Enter the verification code and press ‘Continue’.

Step 10:

Choose a payment method and press ‘Continue’.
If you already have a Day pass, Family pass or Week pass, choose 'Pay in the vehicle'.

Step 11:

Press 'Make reservation'. Your request will appear under the heading 'Active travel'.

Step 12:

Your request is accompanied by the message ‘Reservation is being processed’ following by ‘Payment is authorised’ and finally ‘Driver is on his way’.

You will receive an email when your reservation is confirmed. You can also cancel your ride up to 30 minutes before planned departure.

FAQs about making reservations

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